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Why Pilates?
Pilates is different to all other exercise, is works all the muscle groups in your body, focusing on good posture, alignment and strength, it helps to lengthen and stretch tight muscles aiming to create balance for a healthy body.
In all pilates exercises the main focus is strenghting your core muscles,(abdominals & back). 80% of population have some sort of back problem because of bad posture, (not sitting or standing correctly) so your core muscles are not being used in the right way, resulting in poor body shape or an ache in the back, neck, or shoulders ensuing problems ahead.
Whether your goal is to redefine your body shape, relieve stiffness or build strength, you need to think positive, be patient, practice and work on your weaknesses. Pilates will change your body shape, relieve tension and increase mobility. Exercises can be adapted from suiting all forms of rehabilitation to assisting core strength in rugby players.